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Hello. Everyone~ Thanks to your enthusiasm for ‘Send me your voice’, we are launching a second event! We wish to use your videos and put them on stage together in an upcoming concert. We are looking for videos from fans of HENECIA.

Here are the details. 1. Please send us video clips of the view from where you live. 2. Take a look at (00:57 ~ 1:30) of the above video and send us a video of yourself singing. We would appreciate it if you would send us the video horizontally.

Send your videos to ✉️ together.henecia@gmail.com by 22:00, Friday, July 31, 2020, Korea standard time. We are looking forward to your participation.

Thank you.


We are looking for videos from fans of HENECIA The videos will be used in the concert and by participating, you agree to ‘HENECIA Co., Ltd.’ and its partners having image rights (rights to refuse privacy and publicity) for all works and images that come from your submitted videos (including audios).

Furthermore, your videos used may be in broadcasts, press release, or social media posts, and we are not responsible for portrait rights. This is to prevent any conflict over copyrights and personality rights for each work, so we ask for your understanding.

“In the cart bar”

New song music video teaser video of singer Kim Hyun Joong was released. 

Kim Hyun Joong side posted a music video teaser video on the official SNS channel on the 8th title song of ‘Salt’ in the stall. 

The released video begins with a rainy scene. Kim Hyun-joong and actor Jo Woori sit in a stand and face each other. The lyrics that say ‘I love you’ flow from here, emphasizing Kim Hyun Joong’s sensitivity. 

Kim Hyun Joong lived for more than a month in Jeju Island to work on ‘SALT’ album. As a result, a lyrical melody ‘from the stall’ was born, reminiscent of the cool sea of ​​Jeju Island. 

Beginning with ‘HAZE’, Kim Hyun Joong, who has participated in writing, composing, and arranging all songs, has been consistently proud of his musical capabilities. 

Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘SALT’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 10th. 

By Tae You Na youyou@tenasia.co.kr 

<ⓒ “Ten Asia” All Rights Reserved.


 The album’s title track “In the cart bar” features sweet guitar melodies and is said to be reminiscent of the night sea on Jeju Island.

Other songs included “I’m erasing you,” which expresses the sorrow of parting, and “Bark Matic,” in which Kim’s pet dog participated

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This is love poster

New update on HJ’s official ameblo account- [This Is Love] poster released! 💚😘


Cr: via @Prinesmich123

This is love…

“THIS IS LOVE” jacket images are now available! 

Following the previous work, Kim Hyun Joong’s self-produced artwork has a different design for each form, and the variety of recorded songs is felt, and the expectation for the recorded songs is even higher ^^ 

* *********** 

Details of the new single “THIS IS LOVE” to be released on Wednesday, September 11th have been decided! 

“THIS IS LOVE” written by Kim Hyun Joong, the title song of this work, is a soulful rock number that screams love on a grand theme. The song was composed by ZIGGY vocalist Shigeki Mori, the best R & R band in Japan, and the music provided was arranged by Kim Hyun Joong himself with his thoughts of respect, and arranged with Hyun Jun interpretation. “BEYOND CRAZY” which is a remarkable work realized by the new style collaboration will also be recorded! 

Below are the comments from the two.  

(Info: Henecia Japan)


Kim Hyun Joong lanza por primera vez una página dedicada a las fans lationamericanas exclusivamente, es primera vez que se que un fan club funcione para una área específica. A continuación dejamos los pasos a seguir para formar parte de la comunidad latinoamericana de Kim Hyun Joong.



Apertura: 01. Agosto. 2019 (Jueves) 00 : 00 (Hora de Corea)

Página principal: anunciarán en el futuro



– Período de suscripción: Mexico, Peru 15 de Julio de 2019 (lunes) al 31 de Julio (miércoles)

Bolivia 20 de Julio de 2019 (Sabado) al 31 de Julio (miércoles).

– Periodo de actividad: un año a partir de la jornada de apertura de HENECIA LATIN (01. Agosto. 2019 (jueves)) (puede variar según las actividades del artista).

– Oferta especial de beneficios de suscripción:

1) Permiso para utilizar los contenidos proporcionados por la página de inicio de ‘HENECIA LATIN’ (el número de membresía se otorga arbitrariamente)

2) Tarjeta de socio HENECIA LATIN

3) Kit de membresía de HENECIA LATIN FANCLUB (una vez al año)

* Sobre la entrega y recepción de kits de membresía, sera informado posteriormente.

4) 2019 Kim Hyun Joong LATIN AMERICA TOUR ‘HENECIA LATIN’ Boleto (Hi touch incluido) 1 por persona por país

5) 2019 Kim Hyun Joong LATIN AMERICA TOUR ‘HENECIA LATIN’ entrada al concierto especial ‘HENECIA LATIN’ fan club

Benefíciese del stand exclusivo del club de fans de ‘HENECIA LATIN’

* Sujeto a disponibilidad.

6) KOREA TOUR : Viaje para dos de los suscriptores que se unieron en el periodo de oferta especial

*Incluye: Todos los gastos pagados (transporte aéreo, alojamiento, comida, vehículos) los gastos personales se encuentran excluidos

*Anuncio de los ganadores: 30. Septiembre. 2019 (Lunes)

*KOREA TOUR Fecha programada: Noviembre 2019 (4 días / 5 noches incluidos el tiempo de vuelo) / La fecha puede variar hasta diciembre debido al vuelo y las circunstancias locales.

*Se informará a los ganadores por contacto directo, excepto aquellos que no puedan continuar con el calendario establecido (No se realizará nuevamente el sorteo)

¿Cómo unirse?

México: https://www.fronticket.com.mx/front/

Bolivia: http://superticket.bo

Perú: www.instaticketperu.com

– Cuota de suscripción (2019 Kim Hyun Joong LATIN AMERICA TOUR ‘HENECIA LATIN’ boleto incluido

México: HENECIA LATIN. $ 3,900.00 + $ 390.00 (Cargo por servicio)

Bolivia: HENECIA LATIN. Bs. 1.400,00 + Bs 140,00 (Cargo por servicio)

Perú: HENECIA LATIN. S /. 680.00 + S /. 68.00 (Cargo por servicio)

** Este producto de suscripción de oferta especial se encuentra en cantidades limitadas desde el principio.

HENECIA LATIN registro oficial:

– Período de suscripción: Abierto después de 01. Agosto. 2019 (jueves) 00:00 (hora coreana)

– Período de actividad: Un año a partir de la fecha de registro (puede variar según las actividades del artista)

Beneficios de la suscripción:

1) Permiso para utilizar los contenidos proporcionados por la página de inicio de ‘HENECIA LATIN’ (el número de la membresía será asignado arbitrariamente)

2) Tarjeta de socio HENECIA LATIN

3) Kit de membresía de HENECIA LATIN FANCLUB (una vez al año)

4) 2019 Kim Hyun Joong LATINO AMERICA TOUR ‘HENECIA LATIN’ Al ingresar al lugar del evento Benefíciese del stand exclusivo del club de fans de ‘HENECIA LATIN’

* Sujeto a disponibilidad.

* Solo los titulares de la membresía pueden acceder a este beneficio.

– Cuota de inscripción: USD $ 44.00 (excluyendo tasas e impuestos)

– Forma de pago: tarjeta de crédito VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS o PAYPAL

– Cómo unirse: sitio web oficial de HENECIA LATIN (http://www.henecia-latinamerica.com) Puede unirse al formulario de compra del producto HENECIA LATIN en la página en el apartado STORE

#Información general para la inscripción de la membresía, oferta especial o inscripción normal

“Only Kim Hyun Joong HK Family – HFHK”

Thanks “ Only Kim Hyun Joong HK Family – HFHK” for your invitation to participate in this beautiful Billboard project. It will be displayed from now until September 13, 2019. 636Nathan Rd. Kowloon, Hong Kong Outside the CMB Wing Lung Bank Centre (MTR Mongkok Station E2Exit)

KHJ’s Birthday Project

Thank you so much!!! ️ Project accomplished!!!

We achieved our goal, and we already paid for the billboard. 
We have to thank members and friends for all their help; it almost took a village to do this project!
It was worth the effort. The billboard is scheduled from May 10 to June 12, at the Geondae Station 

We have to thank all the members who participated in this project.
We also have to thank the people who helped us in any possible way, thank you so many dear members, you are awesome!! 
We appreciate your efforts by participating in this project. Thanks for showing KHJ that his fans from Henecia USA are supporting and loving him. 

Best regards,
Henecia Leadership Team
Marilyn, President
Eunice  Vice President 
Rocky. Treasure 


When Time Stopped

A man with a special power meets a woman who is unaffected by it.


Moon Joon Woo (Kim Hyun Joong) has the ability to stop time. He leads a lonely existence due to his special ability.


When he needs a place to live, Joon Woo rents a basement apartment in an old building. His new landlord is Kim Sun Ah (An Ji Hyun), who despite being hardworking and a building owner is still financially struggling because all of her money is going to pay off her father’s debt.


Joon Woo is surprised to discover that when he stops time, Sun Ah is unaffected by it and is able to freely move around and “live.” Will Sun Ah give Joon Woo a new appreciation of time and his fluid life?


Cr: Viki.com

Moon Joon Woo is a seemingly-ordinary person, except for the fact that he can stop time. His special ability makes him lonely and he finds no meaning in life. When he needs somewhere to live, he moves into a basement owned by the building owner, Kim Sun Ah. 


With bubbly Sun Ah by his side, can the lonely Joon Woo begin to find the meaning of his existence?


Just for my Love

by Kim Hyun Joong | When Time Stopped OST

[Interview] Kim Hyun Joong, “I want to burn out on stage”

Kim Hyun Joong will release a new album “Moon, Sun and You Song” on Wednesday, February 5. The two phases of the music he creates are “moon” and “sun,” and his listener, “Kimi,” is a title that can be said to be the culmination of Kim Hyun-Joon’s music. Also, BARKS interviewed him about his first album, “HENECIA MUSIC,” which is the first album. He also asked about his enthusiasm and plans for a conceptual nationwide tour of this work.

  ◆ ◆ ◆

■ All emotions felt in two years are included. In

Japan, a full album has been released for the first time in about five years. So much time has passed.

Kim Hyun Joong: I haven’t really felt like I’ve been in 5 years. I was always busy doing singles and going around the world and Japan tours, so I was surprised at how long it was going. This album contains 15 songs, but there are also many singles and their couplings since their label was established. I felt once again that I was doing so many singles, and I realized that I had been working hard for five years.

い か How about the concept of the whole album and the thought you wanted to convey?

Kim Hyun Joong: I spent two years working on this album. It took that much because I produced all the songs myself, but during that time there were really various things. I felt a lot of hardship, hard work, and hope, and this work has all the emotions I felt in those two years. After a while, I learned that people can’t live with their emotions, and I want to put together the various feelings that want to give myself awareness There was also.

ど ん な What was the concept of the new song that you wrote for this album, the title song of the album “Moon, Sun and Your Song”?

Kim Hyun Joong: I think the sun and moon are things that give us something. So, when everyone feels lonely or hard, I have the thought that I will be the sun and the moon for you. It wouldn’t be a sad song but a message saying, “You’re not alone, I’m always next to me.”

と When you read the lyrics, there are parts that seem to be singing to your fans.

Kim Hyun Joong: I think this song is really about the fans. I was particularly concerned with the rust phrase “Close your eyes I’m in your heart”, and humans, of course, are also sleeping, but they close their eyes when they want to take a rest. That’s why I wanted to relax and live. I’m next door, I’m your heart. Another chorus, “Close your eyes and kiss the sky”, was something I noticed while writing the lyrics, but I have to lie down to kiss the sky, right? So that means “I want you to rest with ease and kiss the sky.”

歌詞 The lyrics of “I will sing for you until the voice dies” felt something like Kim Hyun Jun’s determination and determination.

Kim Hyun Jun: That’s right. Endlessly screams endlessly !! This part also has the feeling that “I’m always near you”.

は What did you notice when recording “Moon, Sun and Your Song”?

Kim Hyun Joong: I wanted to be a little calm and have a masculine nuance. Because this song can be used as a confession song and I think it would be nice to listen to it as a healing music. Since she sang “I’m together,” it may be perfect for a proposal song. In recording, we aimed at singing more suited to such various situations. I use more midrange sounds than treble, so I think it’s good for playing guitar and piano. I’m glad if you can cover it.

■ I want

everyone who is not my fans to listen to it. ■ The ballad “Life Without You”, which was released in Korea in 2019 and resonated, was recorded in a Japanese version written by Toko Furuuchi. .

Kim Hyun Joong: This song has already been sung in Korea, and the original song sang the feelings of a man who had parted, but in this Japanese version it was a female-looking lyrics hand. Furuuchi-san expressed her feelings very carefully. Men and women will feel differently in a single romance. For example, in a Japanese novel “Between Calm and Passion”, a book with two patterns of men’s eyes and women’s eyes has been released, and I tried to express the emotional difference in songs like that.

ど こ What was impressive about the female lyrics as seen by male Kim Hyun-Jun?

Kim Hyun Jun: Actually, when I saw these lyrics for the first time, I felt a little shy. The feelings are a little different from what I imagined, or the feelings of women are very delicate. Also, from the lyrics that Mr. Furuuchi gave me, I feel that I learned not to write on my own, but to write to others. All the lyrics I’ve written so far have been based on myself, but that’s a lot of trouble. I feel that the content is limited only to my imagination and concept, what should I write in the future? When.

だ っ That’s right.

Kim Hyun Jun: Yes. But this time, oh, you can write with this kind of interpretation. I feel that the range of lyrics is likely to expand in the future.

そ う It’s your first time to sing the sad feelings of a woman, but wasn’t recording a challenge?

Kim Hyun Jun: That’s right. This song challenged how to sing a little naive. By the way, I was listening to a lot of songs by Japanese artist ZARD during and near the production of this album. I think she always expressed herself what she wanted to convey and the unique feelings of a woman in a song.For example, if I wrote this feeling for the representative song “Do not lose”, “Take my hand” I think it will be like that. When an adult man says, “Don’t lose,” it sounds a bit childish, so there are expressions and messages unique to women. That was a good reference for recording, and I always get a lot of inspiration from ZARD songs.

ほ か In addition to the two songs you just talked about, this time again, it’s an album full of various emotions.

Kim Hyun Joong: We’ve released a lot of albums so far, but I want to take care of the emotions that I feel every time I make one song. It’s a full album I’ve worked on, but I think it’s a very good one, so I’d love to hear it from non-my fans who are reading this article. The two years of Kim Hyun-Joon are included, so I felt like I had lived like this for two years and had such feelings … and I will listen with a lot of interest in the future I’m glad you gave me

そ う You seem to be particular about the different jacket pictures for the “moon” and “sun” of the album.

Kim Hyun Jun: Yes. First of all, I think the temperature of the “moon” and “sun” jackets is completely different. I wanted them to feel differently when they picked them up, so I wanted to make them feel “cold!” Or “hot!” When they touched them. Since it’s been a long time since I’ve been working on a full album, I am very particular about the artwork and the case.

ジ ャ ケ ッ ト The front and back, and the message of one in two are also transmitted from the jacket, are you aware of any duality or gap in your personality?

Kim Hyun Jun: I’m also a human being, so I’m lonely when I’m lonely, and I’m very happy and happy when I’m happy or fun. However, the temperature difference is very large. There is no middle (laugh).

ど う How do you heal yourself when you are lonely?

Kim Hyun Joong: Listening to music alone and traveling. When you don’t have much time, just looking at the various scenery and hitting the wind can change your mind. On the contrary, when it is fun, everything is very positive. We spend a lot of time actively playing scuba diving and golf.

全国 In 2020, a national tour featuring the album “Moon, the Sun and Your Song” will start in February. It is a two-track schedule of a hall tour <moon> and a live house tour <sun>, but please be eager.

Kim Hyun Joong: I want to burn out the live house performances on stage. I’d like to show my full potential so that customers may be worried that this person will die (laughs). The hall performance is based on the songs on this album, and we want to add a further arrangement to the previous songs so that we can convey a message that suits each song. We are preparing a lot, so please look forward to it.

Interview and text = Yukiko Kawakura 川

Info: https://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000177399&fbclid=IwAR2B92QA-QkRiaeOPOgx-cX2oWn-ROIoehG_IlTlRfx5BfJD-0GpxbWaddI

New album “Moon, the Sun, and Your Song” has been released!

New album “Moon, the Sun and Your Song” to be released on February 5, 2020 has been released!

Kim Moon Hyun-Joon’s compilation of a variety of music, and the album “Moon, Sun, and Your Song” is a full-packed album of the continuing world of music.
The moon and the sun are set in specially processed sleeves, and from this jacket, you can also feel the world of “Moon, the Sun and Your Song”, and pursue Kim Hyun Joong’s commitment to every corner. Design.

Please enjoy it!

Info: https://henecia.jp/news

We are looking for 2020 HENECIA

Hello Hentians,


Are you doing well?

We’re starting a new year in 2020.

Please see below for details.

1.Recruitment Period: December 16, 2019 13:00 (KST) ~ December 24, 2019 18:00 (KST)

2. Membership fee: Domestic / ₩ 30,000KRW

Overseas / ₩40,000 (Different due to membership card overseas shipping)

3. How to pay the membership fee 

– paying credit card 

-Payment without bankbook (If you sign up with bankbook payment, the nickname and depositor name registered on My Page must be the same)

** All fees related to remittance (exchange fee, remittance fee, receipt fee, etc.) are at your own expense.

4. Membership Period: 2020.01.01 ~ 2020.12

Venezia Fan Club Benefits 

 1. Provide a Henezia membership card with a unique number 

2. Provide video and photo contents that only members can see 

3. Possible to pre-purchase tickets for performances and goods from Henezia Goods

4. Send Happy Birthday Song Message Email 

: This is a new song from last year.

5. Chat room available to talk with artists

6. Alarm voice MP3 file (5 versions) provided

: You can download it from the official website.

7. Whenever the season changes in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, we provide artist images for mobile wallpaper

: You can download it from the official website.

 * Email and address information is collected as the member information on the homepage.

 -For domestic and foreign residents: Please check your home address, email address, and name on My Page. 

 -For overseas residents: Please write your home address, email address, and name in English to receive smooth card delivery and happy birthday.

 * Membership cards will be sent sequentially starting in January 2020. (For overseas residents, the delivery may be delayed.

* Happy Birthday song will be sent on 2020 birthday.

 Thank you.

INFO: https://hyun-joong.com/

This is love | Video

New update on Hyunjoong’s ameblo account – 「THIS IS LOVE」はまだまだ続く 

#THISISLOVE continues…the MV will be broadcast on TBS Kaiun Music Hall on 21Sep (Sat) 4:15 am💚😘

Cr: @Princessmich 123

Nico Raw MC’s Hoshino and Pasari

Please support “THIS IS LOVE”.! !

TBS TV “Hirobi!”
September 21 (Sat) Asa 4:15 am at TBS Kaiun Music Hall
MV for “THIS IS LOVE” will be aired 📺